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Mixed flavor package (8 packs)

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by WeHea

Extra Crispy Sandwich Seaweed

Non - fried | No MSG | No additives | No preservatives

Premium ingredients
Insist on using first harvested seaweed, which is extremely precious

Innovative technology
Using a roasting machine imported from Japan, drying at 200°C for 7 seconds, instantly locking nutrients

Extra crispy taste
The second baking evaporates the excess water, concentrates the fresh flavour of the sea, and very crisp and not greasy

Unique taste
Different from traditional seaweed snacks, we have specially developed 4 kinds of sandwich flavours, which are irreplaceable


There are 4 flavours for you to try, and you will always find your favourite.

  • Coconut 
  • Sesame and hot beef
  • Sesame and osmanthus 
  • Sesame