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"Take It Play" board game set

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by WeHea

" Take It Play " board game set

Original design, including cards and board games, it combines seaweed snacks and games for the first time, and has different ways to test everyone's attention and reaction. It is exciting and fun to eat. It is most suitable for a family with children and children. Have fun with friends and family!

Number of people: 2-6

Age: 6+

Time: 10-20 minutes 


game component

chessboard x 1

Chess pieces x 4

dice x 1

Game cards x 76

Character Card x 4


Extra crisp no added sandwich seaweed x 8 packs 
Flavours: Sesame, Osmanthus Sesame, Coconut Flakes, Moxiang Beef Sesame, 2 packs each )