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Farm Di Pomodoro - Cherry Tomato Vegan Fruit Gummy

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POMO Pate de fruits is made from naturally non-toxic tomatoes carefully selected from Pomo. Each POMO Pate de fruits contains an abundance of lycopene and vitamins. During the production process, the dietary fiber of the fruit is retained. There are no added chemical colors, fragrances, or animal gelatin, making it suitable for vegetarians. The texture is perfectly balanced between soft and firm, with a naturally rich fruit aroma that isn't overly sweet, making it the top choice for a healthy treat for little children.

- Taiwan's Cherry Tomato Vegan Fruit Gummy
- Juice content is as high as 50%
- Uses citrus pectin instead of gelatin, making it safe for vegetarians
- No added chemical colours, fragrances, or animal gelatin
- Made in Taiwan

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