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【hea住學 – 頭水紫菜 vs 普通紫菜】

[hea living in school – head water seaweed vs ordinary seaweed]

[hea living in school – head water seaweed vs ordinary seaweed]

Have you heard of "Heavy Soy" soy sauce, and "Tau Shui Laver"?
What is the difference between "Taushui laver" as a snack and ordinary laver?
The WeHea team will immediately explain to you!

Toushui laver is the laver grown and harvested for the first time, and its quality is relatively good, and the subsequent ones are called Ershui, Sanshui, and Sishui, and the quality decreases as the number of times increases.

Appearance and taste Toushui laver: The leaves are narrow and extremely delicate, and there are almost no sheets of laver on the front. Toushui seaweed has a more crunchy texture, with a stronger texture and chewiness. If you like to eat crunchy snacks, Toushui seaweed is definitely your first choice!
Ordinary laver: If you look carefully, you can see that there are one leaf and one leaf. Generally speaking, the further back the laver, the wider the leaves. The texture is softer and the taste is milder.

Production process Toushui laver: The reason why it can become high-quality laver requires a series of fine processing steps in addition to the growth environment. First of all, the tenderest and freshest seaweed leaves are selected, and then rinsed and soaked repeatedly to remove impurities and salt, and precise exposure time and temperature are required to maintain its unique taste and natural flavor.
Ordinary seaweed: takes longer to soak, may need to add seasoning and oil during preparation due to its milder taste.

Nutritional value Laver: Rich in dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins, it has the functions of detoxification, beauty, and blood enrichment, and is a very beneficial health food. Because the taste is richer and more umami, no flavor enhancer is needed, and it is healthier as a snack.
Ordinary seaweed: Although seaweed is rich in nutrition, the taste of ordinary seaweed is mediocre. When making snacks, flavor enhancers such as MSG are added for flavoring. Relatively high sugar and sodium content, please pay more attention when purchasing.

Price head water seaweed: Based on its preciousness and scarcity, and requires higher technology to make, the production cost is relatively high, so its price is usually higher than ordinary seaweed.

To sum up, every step of making snacks with seaweed requires careful care and inspection, which is very particular. This kind of seaweed made with care is not only delicious, but also rich in various nutrients. It is definitely a good choice for you to pursue delicious and healthy snacks.

WeHea stuffed seaweed, it is with such care that you can live and eat at ease, and live in a healthy place!

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